25 March 2012

The bitter love of Ruby with LLVM

I love new toys, and I upgraded my XCode to 4.3.2 for that reason. Like what happens to me with all my other new toys, it broke my RVM and Ruby.

 Thanks to Shigeya, who contributed the solution and it worked for me like a charm:
  1. Uninstall XCode.
  2. Install XCode 4.3.2 (by the time I put up this post) from Apple's App Store.
  3. Open a terminal, run 'sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/Xcode.app'.
  4. Open XCode, go to 'Xcode -> Preferences -> Components', install 'Command Line Tools'.
  5. Install RVM from master branch, or run 'rvm get head' if you've installed RVM.
  6. Install Ruby 1.9.3-p125 using RVM.
You should be able to install Ruby with no problems now. If not, you might want to do what RVM suggests:
Xcode 4.3+ users
- please be warned
- only ruby-1.9.3-p125+ is partially supported
- in case of any compilation issues:
 * downgrade to Xcode 4.1
 * uninstall Xcode and install osx-gcc-installer and reinstall your rubies.
Anyway, the love of Ruby with LLVM is a little bit bitter now, but as Shigeya saids, it is the right way to go. And we're looking forward to seeing a beautiful marriage of the two in the very near future.

You might also be interested in the newly introduced 'XCode Command Line Tools', and here's the story:
Xcode, GCC, and Homebrew by Kenneth Reitz, the creator of the osx-gcc-installer.

Hope this helps.


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