26 October 2012

MacBook Air Wifi slowness resolution before Apple fix it

Wifi is barely working on my MacBook Air with Mountain Lion, both at work and home. Symptom might be seen as the following:

  • On connection to your Wifi, it works for the first a few page load, then slows down and even lose connection.
I've searched online and there're quite a few "fixes" and only the following works for me and I also consider it as "an easiest fix" for now.
  1. Go to "System Preferences" -> "Network".
  2. Select your "Wifi", click on "Advanced".
  3. Select "Hardware" tab.
  4. Choose "Manual" from the "Configure" dropdown.
  5. Choose "Custom" from the "MTU" dropdown.
  6. Fill in "1453" in the blank box.
  7. Save, turn off then turn on your Wifi.